top11 best center channel speaker under 1000$ [offer]

top11 best center channel speaker under 1000$ [offer]

Center channel speakers are the unsung heroes of the entire home theatre system.

The fact that your home theatre system is never complete without the center channel speaker speaks volumes of how important it is. This is why we are bringing you best center channel speaker under 1000.

At this price point, you should expect the premium level of dialogue speakers because the features that are included here should blow your mind away.

A lot of brands design center channel speakers because they recognize that we as customers appreciate the movie experience so much so that we want the best of the best. If you can take the cinema experience straight to your living room,

why wouldn’t you?

This is the beauty of best center channel speaker under $1000. The fact that it’s designed to put together the sound of all the supporting speakers and give you the tiny bits of detail that make your listening experience that much better.

The dialogue is solely carried by the center speaker. Meaning that without the center speaker, it’s extremely difficult to make out what the dialogue is. But you need not worry because we’re going to show you what to look for when buying center speakers.

Recommend product:-

Image Product Details   Price
1 Definitive Technology CS-9060
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2-4 Klipsch RP-504C
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4-4 MartinLogan Motion 8i
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3-4 Elac Uni-FI UC5
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Worth buying a premium center channel speaker under 1000?

When it comes to premium products, price really isn’t an issue. Because you know that when you want to buy products that are top tier, the only issue is picking the right one. Buying premium center channel speakers at this price point means that you’re getting the best of every feature. From the best aluminum ports, to quick responsive drivers, to the most beautiful designer cabinets that blend well with your furniture, you’re right in expecting the best.

You should know that at this price point, because you’ve spared no expenses, expecting too performing speakers is a must. Yes there are people who feel that this is a tad too much for them, maybe then they were not the intended target market to begin with.

Because to be confident of buying this sort of speaker, you must be confident in knowing that value you get in return.

It’s worth buying center speakers for under $1000 because the value you receive from that will prolly double in list win experience.

Review of 11 best center channel speaker under 1000

1.Definitive Technology CS-9060

Perhaps on the bigger size, the CS-9060 makes up for its size with incredible features. If you judge it by just looking at it, you might be surprised by how fantastic of a product it really is. The center channel is in a league of its own when you factor in its upward firing 8 powered subwoofer with built in 150 watt amplifier. What you can expect from this is a clean bass that has no distortion even in high volume.

To make sure you get the most out of the bass of the upward firing 8 powered subwoofer, is fitted with a bass control button that gives you complete control of how you want your bass to be. With two 4.5 “ BDSS drivers and an inch aluminum tweeter, the CS-9060 covers all the bases that need to be covered to give you clear and accurate dialogue with clean bass.

The design of the CS-9060 aesthetically is very exquisite, it was well thought out and carefully presented to not only give you excellent sound, but in beautifully packaged speakers. The sound fills the entire room without any hint of distortion. This means that the speakers are of a high quality because the drivers are definitely advanced resulting in movie dialogue that is very much real.

• upward firing 8 powered subwoofer with built in 150 watt amplifier.
• two 4.5 “ BDSS drivers.
• 1 inch aluminum tweeter.

• It is bigger than your average center speaker.

2.Klipsch RP-504C [best center channel in wall speaker under 1000]

The RP 504C is renowned for its proprietary Tractrix horn-loaded technology. What this offers you is out of this world clarity of sound and giving you an almost surreal experience when watching your favorite movies. The whole idea of the center channel speaker is to give you clear and accurate dialogue in front it’s front facing ports, which work to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything.

With some of the most exclusive features, the RP 504C works against any reverb or distortion that might cause you to not enjoy your audio. To achieve this, it has a linear travel suspension which competes with some of the worlds best in this regard.

In some cases when the placement of a center speaker is directly up against a wall, it happens that the sound bounces off the walls creating an almost unbearable sound. To counter this, they have installed a vented tweeter to ensure that you have clarity in sound and the reproduction is of a high frequency. The linear travel suspension works well when you consider how well it blocks out any distortion and ensures that the tweeter gives you maximum efficiency. Sometimes the thing with powerful bass is that it leads to a lot of turbulence because the speaker might not be fitted with a design that can control the vibrations caused by the bass. The cabinets of the RP 504C are so well infused that there is virtually no turbulence.

• Tractrix ports.
• Furniture grade finishes.
• Vented Tweeter Design.

3.Elac Uni-FI UC5

The drivers of the UC5 are bespoke to suit the vision ELAC has with their design. The benefits of its drivers are unparalleled because they wanted to make sure that the customer gets the ultimate satisfaction from the audio they pay for. With 1 inch soft dome tweeters, you can expect very accurate sound that is not going to have any distortion. When coupled with a aluminum 4 inch midrange cone, the pair gives you a surreal and almost orchestral like feel to it.

You can have the most powerful sound but if there exists no balance, it’ll sound like a waste of money. The goal here is to have the best sounding speaker, but with control and balance. The UC5 has a three way speaker. The elements of each are high, mid and bass. The three way system gives you authentic and direct sound. To ensure that there’s a seamless transfer of electrons from speaker cables to the speaker, the UC5 has custom designed binding posts. It’s design is unique and works to ensure that there’s no differential and any lag so that you can bind your speakers without any problems.

• Sophisticated crossover
• Beautifully designed.

4.MartinLogan Motion 50XT

We all have moments when we watch the most enthralling movies with the most intense sound effects. In moments like this you might be tempted to crank the volume up. The last thing you need when you want to crank the volume up is any sort of distortion. You don’t want inconsistency in high volumes because your speaker cannot handle it. The 50XT has a folded motion tweeter that ensures that your sound is not in any way distorted.

To complement the exceptional sound produced by The 50XT, MartinLogan has made sure that the cabinet finishes are exceptional and pleasing on the eye. They made this so that your speakers don’t look out of place on your living form and blend in superbly with your furniture. This then means that you won’t have to inconvenience yourself trying to fit everything around your home theatre system because it will blend in with relatively ease.

The surface area is 8 times larger than the usual 1 inch dome. Which means that the sound will be as clear and as accurate it should be. Your movie experience will never be the same when you start using the 50XT. It is built to deliver high quality performance because the cones that MartinLogan have chosen to use aluminum cones. Aluminum cones are renowned to be the best in cone technology.

• Audiophile grade.
• Aluminum cones.
• Distortion is minimized.

5.SVS Ultra

The center speaker of any home theater system stands head and shoulders above any speaker when it comes to performance and the ability to deliver clear and accurate speech. The 3-way design with 1-inch dome tweeter works to ensure that the dialogue you receive from your speakers is clear and accurate. You don’t want to be struggling to make out the speech because the speaker isn’t good enough.

When designing the SVS Ultra, they made sure that every detail is dedicated to enhancing your sonic experience. From the tweeter arrangement, to the subwoofers to the entire arrangement of the speakers, it goes a long way in ensuring that you don’t miss a thing when it comes to your audio quality. From distortion to turbulence, the SVS Ultra will ensure that you don’t hear any sort of vibrations.

Every center channel speaker has a front facing grille to protect the cones. This might cause a sort of distortion when the sound has to penetrate through the grille to get to you. This doesn’t happen with the Ultra because the speakers are maximized to ensure acoustic transparency. These sort features make the Ultra stand in a class of its own.

• way Ultra Center speaker anchors.
• aluminum dome tweeter.
• The grille doesn’t distort the sound.

6.Klipsch RP-640D

The RP 640D looks like an HD TV. The first thing that speaks to you is the design. It is so sleek and well thought out that you don’t even need to worry about figuring out how to fit it in the setting of your entertainment area. For flat TVs , this is probably the speaker you can get to enhance the all round feel for your sonic experience. You have the option of mounting it all the wall, and still maintain good quality sound. The fact that the ports or drivers are front facing means that there won’t be any bouncing off on the ways creating an echo like sound making your sound a bit awful.

The 640D flourishes properly in an area where space is a luxury. The performance of the speaker works best in this type of setting. The sound you should expect from this means that your movie and music experience should be of a high quality because you buy this speaker expecting high performance.

You have the choice of having it be placed horizontally, preferably under your TV or you can mount it on a wall. Whatever works for you, if it’s of course in a position to maximize the sound and give the listener clear and direct sound with accurate dialogue, the your choice should be that, your choice.

• Multiple placement options.
• Linear Travel Suspension.
• Acoustic Technology.
• Beautiful finishes.

7.Monitor Audio Silver C350 Definitive

In terms of decibels, response time and megawatts, the C350 definitively competes with the best at this price point. With a 3 way frequency response system, the C350 has drivers that offer you quick response. What quick response does for your overall sonic experience is that it works well to clean the sound.

The cabinets that house the speakers are renowned for not offering any sort of vibrations. The lack of vibrations especially in high volumes mean that you can crank the volume up without fearing that there will be any sort of turbulence.

This center speaker plays such an important role in ensuring that you get all the dialogue that comes from watching your favorite movies. We shouldn’t isolate the center speakers function to just deliver clear and accurate dialogue. The balance you get from a home theatre system is largely because of the center audio. It brings everything together such that your entire sonic experience is wholesome and enjoyable.

The idea for any speaker is to achieve clear highs and low distortions. To do this, they feature a vented Neo magnetic system. You don’t want to be restricted in the volume. The only restrictions you should have is your neighbors tolerance, not if your speaker is able to perform at high volume levels.

• They deliver better efficiency and low distortion.
• Sealed cabinet offers little to no turbulence.
• Three way driver ports.

8.Technology CS-8040HD

Elegance at its very best. The CS-8040 HD is testament to the fact that you do not need to sacrifice beautiful design for exceptional sound. Technology with this product has shown that you really don’t have to settle for less because there are products that are just out of this world. With easy placement, the CS -8040 HD is able to be slotted anywhere. You should remember that you buy center speakers because you want to have the best movie experience, and because the dialogue is carried by the center speaker, you don’t want to also compromise on that.

The center speaker is ably supported by a bass radiator that sits on top of the ports to release the most clean and balanced bass you can expect. There is absolutely no joy in watching a movie and all you can hear is the tweeter sound. As much as it is important to have the tweeter effect, if you couple that with the bass then it’s a match made in heaven.

The magnetic ports and bass elements are covers by strong and beautifully furnished cabinets that do not have any sort of vibrations or turbulence. When there’s no turbulence or vibrations, then your listening experience should be aplomb.

• It is fitted with an aluminum drone tweeter.
• Bass radiator.
• Quick response.
•BDSS high definition.

9.Focal Chora

The manner in which Foca Chora Attention to detail is truly amazing. Because they know that front facing center channel speakers are the unsung heroes of the home theatre system, they have made sure that their center channel speaker performs exceptionally in this regard. To the tiniest bit of detail, the minute of sounds and the lowest of vocal expressions, the Chora is designed to pick that up. As if it wasn’t enough to give you the pleasure of catching every audio signal, the Focal Chora comes with three furnishes.

When you go to the cinema, you aren’t only impressed by the sheer size of the screen, but by the quality of the sound. Even if the visuals would take the cup, with the audio it wouldn’t make sense. Especially good quality audio. This venter speaker is compatible with speakers of the same brand, namely Focal Chora. It should be a breeze making sure that your entire home theatre system is well built. The tweeter is aluminum and what we’ve known for a while now is that ports that are made from aluminum and not any other product works very well in giving you undistorted sound and makes sure that your sounding experience is embers well.

Most brands use either copper or any other material. Chora have found that you don’t have to go with the grain on the type of ports you buy, buy them, sit back and relax your feet. The Slate Fiber cone is the one that is being used in this product. It’s been widely known the aluminum cones work better than any counterpart in the marker, but Chora holds its own very well.

• The cabinets are designed to close any sort of sound of leaks from the speaker.
• Low frequency point.
• Slate Fiber cone.

10.Klipsch RP-404C

With it’s signature copper ports, the RP 404C gives you the cinema experience in terms of sound quality. It will have you jumping at every sound effect and having the bass literally thump against your heart. That’s how much good quality the RP 404C let. Placed at the bottom or on the top of your tv stands, facing the listener of course, you will feel happy with the choice of choosing these ones.

They have designed it so that you can get clear and accurate dialogue from your movies or your music. With minimal distortion, the bass of the speakers shows that the magnetic drivers that are installed inside the cabinets will not result in any sort of turbulence. No vibrations will cause you to not enjoy your movies.

The vented tweeter design makes sure that your sonic experience is not messed up by any harmonic waves, but results in a high quality reproduction of sound that remains unraveled. The fact that the cabinets are designed with exquisite finishes means that there won’t be any issues try to get your living area to flow as a single space because the cabinets on their own have a sort of character that cannot be just placed in the background.

• Vented tweeter design.
• Beautiful finishes.
• The grille is removable but the sound still remans transparent.

11.MartinLogan Motion 8i

Not many center channel dialogue speakers have the technology that you’d only find on gaming headphones. If you know anything about gaming then you’d know that they require high quality sounding headphones, and to find that same feature on dialogue speakers should make you feel even more excited. What’s more noteworthy is that you get this feature without the price you would normally pay for an audiophile.

The tweeter’s light-weight diaphragm combined with a large surface area makes sure that the performance of the Motion 8i is second to none. The clarity and dynamic range is jaw dropping because you wouldn’t even expect this from a center speaker. Unlike other tweeters that are standard at one inch long, the Motion 8i has a much longer tweeter done to provide you with the best sound accuracy.

All the speakers in the Motion 8i are mountable in the wall. The placement doesn’t limit you to putting your cabinets on the ground as you can mount all four speakers on the wall. You can even place them upside down if you like, so that you can bespoke your setting to your own home. The custom air core coil inductors, low DCR steel laminate inductors, and polyester film goes along in ensuring that the center speaker has the ultimate sonic and acoustic experience.

• Mountable cabinets.
• signature perforated grille.
• The Motion tweeter is foldable.

Best brands for center channel speakers?

The Klipsch RP 404C is the best center channel speaker of the lot. The features that are fitted in this speaker are just simply amazing. From the 5 screw terminals which make sure that all connecting cables are there and in place, to the Removable grille that gives you transparency in sound whether you have put in on or not, the 404C stands head above the rest.

The RP 404C offers you a surreal experience in terms of the acoustic performance it affords you. It’s not every brand that makes you feel like you’re in a front row sitting to your favorite movies or you have a front row seat to their favorite concert. The logic behind center channel speakers is that they bring everything together. To balance, treble, tweeter or bass, the Klipsch is going to set the bar high in terms of what to expect from premium prices center speakers.

The tractrix horn working to ensure that there’s no lag or distortion in its own trend setting manner is part of why it justifies such a high price for this speaker. The copper finishes, although can be covered by the Removable grille, still draw your attention to the ports and how ports are designed to not only give out sound but to also look Beautiful.

Buying Guide for – Best Center Channel Speaker Under 1000

Factors to Consider before buying best center channel speaker under 1000.

  1. Cost

The benchmark for the present guide is $1000. You may imagine that it’s modest to get you the best place station speaker that will give you and your family the best film insight. Speakers, for example, the Polk Audio and Klipsch are instances of how you can get top notch quality speakers at a sensible cost. Indeed, even the MartinLogan Motion 8i is a top level community channel speaker that orders a sensible cost however ensures your exceptional quality.

You need to take a gander at your financial plan and afterward contrast it with your sound requirements and settle on a choice dependent on that.

  1. Sound Quality.

Other than the value a middle channel speaker orders, the sound quality is likewise a significant piece of your dynamic cycle. The primary explanation for purchasing a middle speaker is to upgrade your sound, and you can just do that by purchasing an item that helps your generally existing sound.

The components that decide the sound you will get are the drivers, the tweeter and the woofer. All these should work as one so they give you the most ideal sound. You ought to know about how various cones work, how the bass produces vibrations and if that won’t hinder your listening experience.

  1. Similarity with different speakers.

In some cases you probably won’t be in a situation to however the entire home theater framework at the same time. You may just bear to purchase and fabricate it piece by piece. At the point when you do this current, it’s critical to ensure that you purchase speakers that are viable with one another. These aides stop mutilation or breakage when tuning in to your sound.

The association speakers of a comparative brand of have with one another makes it insightful to need to coordinate with speakers. In the event that for instance, you have effectively purchased a left and right speaker of Polk Audio speakers, the shrewd activity is go for a middle channel Polk sound speaker and an in like manner woofer to guarantee that there’s steady and unfiltered association.

  1. Guarantee.

Guarantee helps on the off chance that there is a deficiency with the item. As a client, you should be capable of realizing that you’re secured in the event that something surprising occurs. On the off chance that you purchase an item with a guarantee set up, the organization is compelled by a sense of honor to either supplant the flawed item or give you your cash back.

Before you focus on purchasing an item, you should take a gander at the sort of guarantee that is set up with a specific item. You need to understand what the organization is expecting itself to take responsibility for and what the cures are in the event that anything happens to the item.


How high should a center channel speaker be?

The nice part about center channel speakers is that they can be placed horizontally or mounted. You should be careful though how you mount them and in which angle because it matters when you want the best possible sound. Ideally you’d want to not surpass 4 feet because above that would be way too high from the listeners ear level.

Why is Magnetic Shielding important for Channel Channel Speakers?

It should be said that this is a dated concept because TVs now come with magnetic shielding, but this protects your TV more than your speakers. Magnetic shielding refers to the electronic waves center speakers especially produce because they are the closest to the TV, which might interrupt the frequencies that are generated from the TV. They are important to shield your TV from any harmful waves.

What makes a good center channel speaker?

The ability to balance out the sound from all the adjacent speakers and still deliver excellent and accurate dialogue is the hallmark of a good center channel speaker. Because the center channel speaker works to gather the sound from the left and right speaker and produce a well balanced sonic performance to the front seated listener without any distortion and imbalance is a sign of a good quality center speaker.

Can you use any speaker as a center channel?

Any speaker can be used as a center channel speaker. It ideally has to be horizontal because it should be below or above your TV. This means that vertically standing speakers or subwoofers won’t necessarily work as center speakers.

Should the center channel be louder?

The center channel is focused on making inferences sure that there is no bouncing in between of sound. The balance of sound and the clarity of dialogue is the prerogative of the center speaker, which doesn’t have to louder. But extra volume here and there won’t hurt anyone.

Is a center channel speaker necessary?

Well if you think that having clear dialogue and accurate speech, while maintaining a sonic balance is important to you, and the fact that no home theatre system is ever complete without a center speaker isn’t important to you , then it is not. But for people who want to enjoy their movie and music experience, then the center channel speaker is very important.

Can TV speakers be used as a center channel?

As long as there are appropriate AV cables available or the appropriate HDMI cables present , then yes the TV speakers can be used as center channel speakers.

Can I use a bookshelf speaker as a center channel?

If you don’t have space below your TV or the ability to mount a speaker on top of your TV, then a bookshelf speaker can be used as a center channel because of its ports that are able to balance everything out.

Can I use a center channel speaker alone?

The beauty of a center channel speaker is that it is the glue that puts together the home theatre system. But it can also stand alone as the only speaker and it will give you outstanding sound.


It’s always a joy to know that you can listen to your music or watch your movies with a sound that is not only good enough, but exceptional. That is the realm of the best center channel speakers for under $1000, which gives you the surreal experience of thinking that you’re in a cinema or a recording studio when a song was produced.

It’s about time that you take your down time seriously with your family by investing in the best products when it comes to audio quality. This guide is here to help you make sure that you don’t regret your decision and spend less time researching and more time enjoying your entertainment…

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