TOP12 best wireless headphones under 200$- for best exprince in Affordable price

TOP12 best wireless headphones under 200$- for best exprince in Affordable price

Premium quality headphones shouldn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, in fact, you can get best wireless headphones under 200

You can be forgiven for thinking that you have to part with a lot money to get the best of wireless technology on headphones and premium features. What you might not know is how at only $200, you can buy headphones that would last you for a long time and give you maximum enjoyment.

Brands have come to realize that they can’t get away with charging north of $500 for every type of headphone. They have now found a way to manufacture headphones that offer the best features at a price point that doesn’t alienate anyone.

That’s great news for you. The fact that you can get the best of Best Wireless Headphones Under 200$ in 2021 means that you won’t feel sidelined anymore. Now strap in and get ready to find out which are the best of the best at this price point.

OUR RECOMMENDED- Best Wireless Headphones Under 200$ (2021)▼▼

Image Product Details   Price
2-4 Sennheiser RS 175 RF Premium
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3-4 Skullcandy Crusher Value For Money
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4-4 Beats Solo Affordable
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What are wireless headphones ?

Wireless headphones are those types of headphones that don’t need any wires to be operational. They work with wireless connection provided by either NFC or Bluetooth. In some cases they can be equally installed to give you the ultimate connection so that you won’t ever have to worry about your signal breaking up.

The fact that there are no wires means that your listening experience will not be bombarded by unnecessary cables. This should bode well commuters or travelers or even workers. The fact that you have all the freedom to do whatever you want while listening to your audio is the very premise on which wireless headphones were built.

Do you really need a wireless headphones?

Innovation is always going to have people doubting if it’s really necessary. For a long time people were content with being restricted to wired headphones because they were used to them and they thought that the best headphones had to be wired.
Well things have drastically changed over the years and we’ve seen the emergence of wireless headphones.

Wireless headphones are very necessary because they offer customers the ultimate level of convenience. You should not be restricted because your have wires sound your head. The distance between your headphones and your device means that there’s an element of freedom that comes with having wireless headphones.

The fact that you do not lose the quality of your sound means that there is no reason to not want a pair of wireless headphone. Whether it’s overheard, earbuds or over neck, there’s a wide range of types you could choose from. Because you really do need a pair of wireless headphones.

TOP11 Best Wireless Headphones Under 200$ -Review ▼▼

1. Avantree HT41899

Why Buy These- Rarely has a brand ever made something as personal and meant to be enjoyed in isolation an activity that can be shared by two people.
Avantree is on a mission to create social and emotional cohesion between people by making sure that enjoy activities they do together as one. This is such an ingeniously innovative design that makes them a product to reckoned with.

Whether it’s via an auxiliary cable or Bluetooth connection, the HT41899 makes it possible to connect a tv or DVD player and watch tv the best shows or movies with your beloved. You can enjoy these earphones for up to 40 hours. Which means that you will not be stressed about having to go charge them and leave your entertainment because of low powered headphones.

Keep in Mind! – This takes watching tv to a whole different level. The combination of having to watching tv with someone else while getting the very best audio quality and still having that quality time is comparable to nothing. They come fitted with a transmitter that makes sure there’s no audio lag on both headphones and it is easy to use. Watching ya has never been so smart. If they are people who are sleeping and you want to hear the bass and blast the sound of any movie, the HT41899 is the way to go.

• Up to 40 hours of playtime.
• They are very easy to use.
• Works very well with your tv.
• Works with almost every television.

• Doesn’t work with certain type of TVs.

2.Sennheiser RS 175 RF [best wireless over ear headphones under 200]

Why Buy These- Sennheiser has created with the RS 175 RF the best extension of your home entertainment system. Priding themselves with always looking for the perfect sound, they have now manufactured a product that can now stand the test of being the best when it comes to listening music, tv or making sure that your audio entertainment doesn’t impede anyone’s peace of mind.

It’s range is quoted at 330 ft meaning that you can afford to be apart from your tv for that range and still be able to enjoy they very best connectivity and sound quality. The 18 hour battery fitted with the headphones means that you can enjoy as much entertainment as you want without having to worry about headphones that need to be charged every now and again.

Keep in Mind! – The fact that you can control the volume, bass and surround sound with minimal effort only makes the experience that much convenient. To ensure that you have the very best audio quality, the RS 175 RF has the ability to reduce background noise to enable you to enjoy the audio quality.

• Compatible with a lot of of devices.
• An optional additional headphone can be added to enjoy the same entertainment simultaneously.
• Very comfortable ear cups and fit.

• The oval shape might not be for everyone.

3.Skullcandy Crusher[best wireless headphones under $200]

Why Buy These- The very best of what we consider the cool headphone. SkullCandy have always been on a mission to not only make better sounding headphones, but to make sure that they appeal to a wide range of customers. They have continued to set trends in how headphones should be, not only better sounding quality headphones but headphones that look the part too. Not a lot of brands can claim to be the same.

The SkullCandy App personalizes the sound to your liking to make sure that they cater to your unique audio expectations. From adding more bass, to getting just the right balance l, this app caters to your every sonic need. The Crusher is fitted with 40 hours of battery life to ensure that you maximize your listening experience.

Keep in Mind! – One thing that many customers complain about when it comes to headphones is how difficult they are to carry around and fitting them to in small spaces is not the easiest of things to do. The Crusher is completely collapsible, meaning that they will be portable and fit into whatever space you need them to fit in and carry they around.

• SkullCandy app personalizes you sound.
• Up to 41 hours of battery life.
• Quick recharge. 10 minute recharge for 4 hours of play time.
• Folding hinges.

• They look very bulky on your head.

4.Beats Solo3

Why Buy These- It hasn’t taken Beats decades to stand head and shoulder above the rest in the industry. And the reason for this is how much they pride themselves in manufacturing high quality products that keep customers coming back. The fact that they have become a household name is such a short space of time is testament to how they came into the industry with such a bang. And you can’t fault customers for gravitating towards this brand because it meets every aspect of what you’d expect from your headphones.

When we talk about high end premium quality headphones, we are speaking and referring to Beats. The Solo 3 has a high performing Bluetooth system which means that your connectivity will not stutter in the middle of your favorite songs. The fact that you have a connection that is world class means that the battery must be equal to the challenge and not falter. The Solo 3 has up to 40 hours of battery life. Which means that you can use them for almost two full days without needing to charge.

Keep in Mind! – It’s quick recharge is quoted at 5 minutes, for play time lasting 3 hours. The multifunctional Control makes it easy to take calls, activate Siri and have absolute control of your music.

• Up to 40 hours of battery life.
• 5 minute quick recharge for up to 3 hours of playtime.
• Easy access to multifunctional controls.
• Voice assistant enabled.

• It is not fitted with Active noise cancellation.

5.Sennheiser PXC 550-II

Why Buy These- Sennheiser has always been well known as a manufacturer of high quality headphones. With more than 60 years of experience in the audio manufacturing industry, they have continued to innovate and make sure that they their products are up to standard and in line with the latest technologies. Not only that, they have ensured that they also innovate and set trends that the industry have followed over the years. This is why they have been as successful as the have been over the years. You don’t get the type of traction they have without making sure that customers are happy with your product.

Passive noise is makes your listening experience unbearable, especially when you want to hear even the minute details, either of your music or enhance the sonic experience by amplifying the bass and balance of your headphones. The adaptive noise cancellation feature cancels out external noise and zone in on your sound.

Voice assistant make it easier to give out instructions and have the control of your headphones and all its features without having to use your hands all the time. Whether it’s calling, pausing or playing, changing songs or whatever commands you want to give out, this is possible because of Alexa is built in.

Keep in Mind! – It has up to 30 hours of battery life to afford you the best listening experience undisturbed. They are comfortable and Foldable meaning that you can take them anywhere you want to take them without any hassles.

• Adaptive noise canceling.
• Smart Control App.
• Up to 30 hours of battery life.

• They are not too different from the previous generation.

6.Sennheiser HD 450BT

Why Buy These- The test of any company is its ability to remain productive over a number of years and still have the ability to innovate and stay relevant in its respective industry. Sennheiser has been doing that for over 70 years, and they still continue to innovate, with their newly released HD 450 BT.

You might be forgiven for assuming that the ear cups are heavy and will strain your ears and head. But at 16 ounces, they are relatively lightweight. This ensures that your listening experience is not affected or becomes uncomfortable.

Keep in Mind! – Not having to worry about your battery whilst using your headphones has to be the best thing about these headphones. It has a quoted 30 hours of battery life, meaning that you could use them for the entire day without stressing about a a quick recharge.

• Smart control app.
• 30 hours of battery life.
• Active noise cancellation.
• Stable Bluetooth connection.

• The 450BT is not equipped with fast charge.

7.Sony WH-XB700B

Why Buy These- Sony has always been known as a leader in the audio products. This has allowed the to be as innovative as three ought to be because they haven’t followed trends but have out themselves in a position that requires them to always innovate. This would be a huge task for any other brand but not for Sony. From TV sets, to speakers, microphones and entertainment systems, they have made products of high quality which have resonated with the market to the the fullest.

The WH-XB700B are footed with a long lasting battery that lasts up to 30 hours. This allows you the comfort of having to enjoy your listening experience for the whole day without any worries. It also has a quick recharge feature that allows you to charge for 10 minutes for almost 2 hours of playback.

Keep in Mind! – The Bluetooth pairing technology and NFC, which it allows you to seamlessly pair devices without much of a hassle via Bluetooth or via NFC. You can use them with a wire and without a wire. The choice is up entirely up to you. The voice assistant is accessible with a simple touch. Available with either Google assistant or Alexa.

• Up to 30 hours of listening time.
• They are fitted voice assistant that comes into play with a simple touch.
• It has an app to customize your listening experience called the Sony connect app.
• NFC and Bluetooth connection.

• Apples users might not have Siri available.

8.AKG (A Samsung Brand) N700NC M2

Why Buy These- AKG Acoustic specializes in sonic engineering and the production of audio products. Founded in 1947, they started out as a microphone manufacturing company. But after their being acquired by Samsung, that have diversified their product portfolio to include include headphones and Hi-Fi sound systems. This partnership with Samsung has only proven to be a good that because they now have the resources of Samsung to produce high end audio products and appeal to a broader audience.

The AKG is completely wireless. Meaning that you won’t have to worry about being bogged down by wires, because Bluetooth is your sole and reliable connectivity. They have now fitted their headphones with what they seen to be first class in noise canceling, and they are not even lying. They have specific settings for noise canceling which will adjust effectively to different environments.

Keep in Mind! – Plugged in, it has a battery life of up to 32 hours, when solely connected to Bluetooth it has a playtime of 23 hours and 3 hours of charging time. The headphones app allows you to play around with two different types of sound modes control by the headphones app. Both ear cups are fitted with microphones to give you clear calls, while the ear cups offer a comfortable fit.

• Up to 32 hours of battery life.
• Headphones app gives you control of how you customize your sound.
• Dual microphones.
• Active noise cancellation.

• The charging port is microUSB only.

9.Sennheiser Momentum 3

Why Buy These- Listening to music at your own terms has never been this evident. Sennheiser has once again come with the an extra layer of genius to their already impressive repertoire. Adding to their catalog, they have now designed the Momentum 3 which, for all intents and purposes, is a trendsetter, a standard maker and an overall impressive piece of technology.

There is no way you don’t lose yourself listening to music from these headphones when you think about how well balanced the sound quality is. The smart pause feature allows you the option of quickly pausing to answer a call or to have a conversation. Whatever it might be , the smart pause feature enables you to have quick access to your surrounding environment without taking anything away from your musical experience.

Keep in Mind! – Now with the three advanced modes of active noise canceling, you can dictate the level of your presence in any environment. You can choose to either have active, passive or transparent noise cancellation. All three make it easy for you to Eritrea get lost in your music or stay tuned into your music and still be present in whatever environment you found yourself in.

Switching between all three modes and optimizing your listening experience is made possible by the Smart Control App. Whatever settings you want , however you want to customize or personalize your music experience, all that is in the palm of your hands.

• Active Noise Cancellation.
• The Smart Control App let’s you personalize your listening experience.
• Smart pause.

• The Momentum 3 is on the expensive side.
• The metal head strap might not appeal to everyone.

10.Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E6

Why Buy These- Previewing it’s signature unique appearance and user face, this Danish Electronic Company offers customers high end audio products. Speaking on it’s unique and minimalist design, Bang & Olufsen always push the bar of what it means to produce high end products that look as good as they can ever look but still feel grounded that they don’t draw unnecessary attention.

Offering customers more comfortably fitting earbuds, B & O with the E6 3rd generation released a product that can go pound for pound with any of the biggest brands because of how their earbuds are presented.

Keep in Mind! – They have improved their Bluetooth connection, that allows you to move around for create a bit of distance between you and your device without worrying about them disconnecting. Because B&O are known for producing bassy audio products and the E6 are no different. Paired with that beautiful charging case, it’s difficult to not want to own a pair.


• Battery life is quoted at 35 hours.
• The case that comes with the E6 comes with a wireless case.
• Touch control to make calls, activate voice assistance and commands.
• Stable Bluetooth connection.
• Beautiful design.

11.AfterShokz Air Open AS650SG [best wireless noise cancelling headphones under 200]

Why Buy These- Not all brands come into industry and completely disrupt how everything has been done. The fact that the status quo has been around for this long on how to manufacture headphones, doesn’t mean that the way it’s been done shouldn’t change. AfterShokz has proven that it’s not about how long you’ve been in the game but rather how good your product is.

AfterShokz has developed a design that allows the earphone to sit seamlessly in your ear. They have now started to use Bone conduction technology on commercial headphones. This technology was only used for military purposes, but now they have made the ultimate decision to let customers have a taste of what this technology is like.

Keep in Mind! – They are lightweight so you will have to to worry about being strained. The fact that they are sweat proof means that you can wear them in any environment and they won’t be damaged. With up to 6 hours of battery life, you can enjoy your music without any worries.

• Noise Cancelling microphones.
• Up to 6 hours of battery life.
• Sweat proof.

• The open ear design is not for everyone.

12.Bowers & Wilkins PI3

Why Buy These- Bowers & Wilkins take design to an entire different level. They have set benchmark for how you would want headphones to be like. And to be honest, if they set the standard for how headphones should look like aesthetically, they I wouldn’t even complain because the PI3 look like things from the future. That’s how you know they take innovation to the next level, literally!!

The magnetic chip sensor makes the pause and play feature very easy. And it’s not only easy, it is magnificent. Fitted with an 8 hour battery for maximum listening and a 15 minute recharge, you’re able to enjoy your listening experience. The microphones fitted gives your calls clarity so that the other person on the other end hears you without any noise.

Keep in Mind! – The feel of the PI3 is perfect considering how light they are. With differently sizes ear cups, you are bound to find the rubber that beat fits tour ears. Fitted with noise canceling technology, background noise is a thing of past. You won’t have to compete with external noises because the PI3 will make sure that your attention isn’t only focused on your playlist and nothing else.

• Active noise cancellation.
• Up to 8 hours of battery life.
• Quick recharge.
• Clear microphone for calls.

• Only caters for people who want in ear headphones.

Neckband vs overhead headphones !!

Neckband headphones are the type of headphones that go around the back of your neck. They rely heavily on NFC and Bluetooth to give you the best connection in order for you to enjoy your music or your entertainment.

People who run or exercise benefit the most from these types of headphones because the freedom they need is provided for by this type of headphone. They include the very best feature but can be loose fitting.

Overhead headphones offer a very comfortable and solid fit compared to neckbands. Overhead headphones come with either closed or open back cups, which bring different quality in your overall sound. When it comes to true wireless headphones, overhead headphones that are wireless have no wireless, unless you can manually attach and detach them to your liking. The fact remains that they are much better overall as a product compared to neckbands.

important points to look for $200 Wireless Headphones

  1. Sound quality.

It’s a common theme around that wireless headphones are cheap and low quality and therefore a waste of time when considering to buy a pair. It’s true that Bluetooth was never meant for high quality transmissions. And having to now expect high values of data to be transferred into high quality sound was not realistic until the pair it with NFC.

The innovation of NFC into headphones made it possible to expect high quality sounding headphones that deliver high quality sound. The very idea that Bluetooth takes away from the quality of your sound is very tunnel visioned. Because for whatever you might think it takes away, it give back threefold. There will never be a substitute for convenience, and when you pair that convenience with modern designs that better your listening experience, then that’s winning recipe.

  1. Controls and pairing.

In this day and age convenience is a must have for every consumer. And that means that every product the modern customer wants to consumer has to make their life easy. That includes headphones. Headphones are primarily found on the side of the ear cup on the average headphone. This makes reach out to them and quickly accessing whichever feature you want easy.

Given that these primarily work on Bluetooth and rely on connecting to your device, you need to trust that the pairing will be seamless and will be automatic every time you want to connect and listen to your music. Headphones that provide you with this type of feature should be the ones you look to purchase because they will make your listening experience worthwhile. Comfort really goes hand in hand with the headphones. And finding a pair that gives you that shouldn’t be understated.

  1. Battery life.

In order for wireless headphones to work, because they rely heavily on Bluetooth, they need to source that energy from somewhere this is why it is important to look for wireless headphones that have a battery life that you will be happy with. Features such as quick charging also help on making sure that you don’t put your listening aside for hours on end because you need to charge.

  1. Price.

This might be the most important thing you look at before purchasing a pair of headphones because you need to know that the price you pay directly correlates to the value you will derive from your headphones.


How much battery backup do we expect from $200 wireless headphones?

The amount of battery backup we except from headphones at this price point usual about 20-30% of the total battery life of the headphone. This number can fluctuate depending on the brand, but on average, headphones across the board offer up to 30% standby battery life in their headphones.

Which brands are popular for wireless headphone?

The brands that are popular amongst the wireless headphones category are Beats, Sennheiser, Sony and SkullCandy. Now understand that we are not saying that other brands might not be appealing, we are saying that the brands people are likely to gravitate towards more over the recent years are the ones listed.

Range for wireless headphone?

This of course differs from brands but the standard range you should look for in a decent wireless headphone is at least 3 ft. This should give you enough wiggling room to maneuver.

Cable quality from $200 wireless headphone?

Cable quality for headphones at this are not subpar but very average compared to headphones which might be a bit more high end.
Any lower than this, you would expect the cable quality to be very poor. But at this price point the quality is very reasonable.


In this day and age, brands should be looking for solutions to make customers’ lives better and easier. This means that manufacturing oridcys that won’t need customers to jump through hoops to better enjoy them, and then have to pay hundreds of dollars to have access to them either.

Best Wireless Headphones Under 200$ are a prefect example of how grands make sure that they don’t leave anyone behind when the manufacture their products. Now go out there and explore.

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